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British Parts Direct evolved out of the dreams of Bill and Stan, a father and son who run British Auto Works.

British Auto Works has been working on and selling parts for British cars for over 20 years now.  At British Auto Works we only work on British cars and only sell parts for the British cars.  British Auto Works is the largest parts house and repair facility in the Portland, Oregon metro area and one of the largest on the west coast.

At British Auto Works we have a knowledge and understanding of these cars that we have gained from our experience of working on these cars.  British Auto Works was established in the late 80's in a small 3 car garage by Ray Marty. Ray was looking for a retirement hobby that also helped pay the bills. It quickly became a real full-time job and British Auto Works outgrew the small 3 car garage. 

As British Auto Works grew Ray realized that his retirement was slipping away he began looking to sell the company. Bill and his son Stan, were British Car lovers that came in often for parts and discussion about their British cars. Bill who was a car lover and British car owner saw and opportunity and the rest as they say is history.

Check us out at www.britishautoworks.com and www.acarstory.com.

British Auto Works

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