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 Distributor Cap Jag V12 to 1980 45150
This a Distributor Cap for E-Type V12 and XJ12, XJS 1973 to 1979 which uses a Non-Vented Cap. Cross..
Distributor Cap MKI-MKX,XK150, E-Type-64 DDB192
This is a Distributor cap for a Jaguar MKI,MKII,MKIX,MKX,XK150 and E-Type (XKE) 1961 to 1964. The c..
Starter Gear Reduction Jag E Type 65 to 70 16138HD
This is a Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter for a Jaguar E-Type 1965 to 1970. 100% bolt in comes wit..
This a OE Lucas Ignition Coil E-type V12, Jaguar XJ6 1985 to 1994, Range Rover 1987 to 1992..
Starter Gear Reduction E Type 61 to 64 16139HD
This is a gear reduction starter for your Jaguar E-Type 3.8 1961 to 1964. No more worrying about yo..
Ignition Points DM6 Distributor DSB116
This is a set of OE Lucas Ignition Points XK150, XKE 61-64, BN4 to BJ7 (e)29F-H3562. Jaguar MKI, MKI..
Condenser XK120-140 DCB121
This a OE Lucas Condenser XK120-140 and Jaguar MKVII...
This is an ignition wire set for a Jaguar V12 1971 to 1989. Cross Reference JLM726..
This is a distributor cap made by Lucas for Jaguar E-type 1964 to 1971 with screw terminals, cross r..
Pertronix Ignition 22D6 Negative Ground LU-166A
This is a Pertronix Electronic Ignition kit for a Triumph TR250 TR6, Jaguar 1964 to 1974 with 22D6 D..
Distributor Cap HD Jaguar 65 to 71 DDB115HD
This a Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Distributor Cap for a Jaguar 1965 to 1971 with screw terminals, an..
Voltage Regulator RB340 33 amp NCB133
This is a Voltage Regulator for Jaguar XK150, MKI to MKX, E-Type 1961 to 1964, Austin Healey BJ8, MG..
Distributor Cap Jaguar 65 to 71 DDB115T
This is a distributor cap for Jaguar 1965 to 1971 with screw terminals, and has a cut out for a low ..
Voltage Regulator 4TR 3-Pin NCB144
This a Voltage Regulator for a Jaguar E-Type 1965 to 1971 and Jaguar XJ6 1969 to 1971. Cross Referen..
 Starter Jaguar E Type 65 to 71 (Core $40 included) 16138
This is a Starter for a Jaguar E-Type 1965 to 1971 S3120, price includes a $40 core charge...
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